After Video Live Broadcast Malaysia Phone Number

Lizhi-related data shows that Lizhi already has 3 million monthly active anchors and 30 million monthly active users. Recently, the stock price of Momo, which Malaysia Phone Number focuses on live broadcasts, has begun to decline, while the stock price of Weibo has stopped rising. Therefore, after the live broadcast, where is the next industry outlet has also become a topic of concern in the industry. It is worth noting that the voice live broadcast, which has not been concerned by the industry before, has become wider and wider.

After Lizhi Focused on the Malaysia Phone Number

layout of the voice market, Momo and Weibo’s Youxin have also entered the market one after another. Litchi-related data shows that Litchi already has 3 million anchors and 30 million monthly active users. It is currently the leading platform for domestic voice live broadcasts. This also shows that after years of accumulation, the value of voice live broadcasts has finally begun to Malaysia Phone Number emerge at the current stage. Why are various platforms aiming at the voice live broadcast business? According to iiMedia Research’s “2017 China Online Voice Live Broadcasting Market Special Research Report” in October this year, the number of voice live broadcast users is increasing from 69 million in 2016 to 112 million in 2017, with a growth rate of 62%.

The Story Is Stronger Malaysia Phone Number

More essentially, users do not come for the “voice”, but for the stories conveyed by the “voice”. Let’s explore why the passive form demands more effort. As I told you before, the basic active sentence structure is quite consistent and logical in English. The passive voice turns this Malaysia Phone Number all the way around. You first read what was affected. Then you read what happened to it. Lastly, you learn how it was affected. You discover who or what was responsible only at the very end. This sequence differs from how we usually make sense of events. Lizhi has launched a variety of forms such as “sound identification card”, “playing with friends”, “listening to voice to find friends” and so on.

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