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In this way, many new foreign suppliers Australia Phone Number get free traffic to their products on the Amazon. Not exactly a positive outlook. Foreign sellers have lower prices For whom is this development really a danger? As Australia Phone Number far as I’m concerned for web shops and retailers that offer products that can also be offered by other sellers. In that case, the price is a crucial factor. What is the probability Australia Phone Number that the prices of the foreign sellers are lower than yours? According to a study by, this chance is quite high. Research showed that of 20 products that they had researched.

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Amazon was the cheapest in 14 cases Australia Phone Number compared to Dutch shops. What should a webshop/retailer do with this information? If I were selling branded products, I would do a research on Amazon right now. I would see if my Australia Phone Number products are already being offered and if so, whether I can keep up with the price. If the conclusion is that I can’t, I would start to worry. What right to exist do I still have in that Australia Phone Number case if Amazon goes live in the Netherlands? You may think you have loyal customers. I think that’s a naive idea and an underestimation of the enormous power Amazon has.

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Are you not in danger if you offer branded Australia Phone Number products that are not yet offered on Amazon? Unfortunately the answer is no. As soon as others see that these products are selling well, they approach the manufacturer. And if Australia Phone Number these are big players with great purchasing power, chances are you’re out of luck. One solution could be to obtain manufacturer exclusivity for their products on Amazon. External Australia Phone Number platforms are the future If you have a webshop or are a retailer, I think you should become active on external platforms such as Amazon and bol.

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