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In this field, Superprof is undoubtdly the leader. This site already has more than 19 million users registere as teachers since its creation in 2013. Give private lessons to earn 100 euros per day Once on the website, all you have to do is create your free teacher account : Select the subjects you want to teach Create a title indicating your subject, degree and/or level of experience Fill in the “About the course” and “About you” boxes Specify the location of the course (online or face-to-face) Set your hourly rate Add a profile photo On this platform, the hourly rate is on average 22 euros . You can thus earn 100 euros a day by working 5 hours a day . To optimize your chances of finding students , and therefore of making more money , consider registering on several sites of this kind.

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We can cite in particular dulide, My Mentor, I propose or LiveMentor. Launching a YouTube channel: a way to earn 100 euros a day or more Do you want to earn a lot of money without killing yourself working all day? Why not create a YouTube channel to generate passive income ? This social network now has more than 2.56 billion monthly active users (Source: We Are Social and Hootsuite). This ranks it second behind Facebook. The methods of a real business on the internet at 22,000€ per month FREE Pack How to create a successful YouTube channel? To break into Romania Mobile Number List YouTube, you to be successful in generating views . And to get there, there are not 36 solutions: your channel must appeal to Internet users. To start, you to come up with an idea for a YouTube channel . Note that the most popular themes on this platform are music, gaming, product unboxing, tutorials and vlogging. Then you have to create original and unique content (also discover our guide on the best YouTube channel idea ). Do not hesitate to take inspiration from your competitors.

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Channels to get an idea of ​​​​the videos that interest YouTube users. To succed in this business, you must also adopt a fixd frequency of publication (every Friday for example). This way, your subscribers will know exactly when to visit your channel to watch what’s new. How to monetize your YouTube channel? First of all, note that to be eligible for monetization DT Leads on YouTube you must meet certain conditions. In particular, you must be at least 18 years old. You must also have at least 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hours in the last 12 months. Additionally, you must reside in a country where the YouTube Partner Program is eligible. earn 100 euros a day with his YouTube channel Once these criteria are met, you can start making money with YouTube.

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