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Available on the websites of certain cities, it is generally presentd in the form of forms with boxes to be completd online. Those wishing to suggest or submit ideas ne only complete them anonymously. Citizen suggestion box Another guide : Tips for successful digital marketing . Discover in this article the 8 keys to success to learn in the field of digital marketing (citing only competitive analysis, target identification, or the use of social networks). This guide offers you the best strategies to adopt to help you with digital marketing. To go even further: collect ideas via a collaborative ideation platform Adopting tools such as the online suggestion box is certainly very practical, but in some cases, it may not sufficiently meet the company’s collaboration nees and does not allow the development of consultation.

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Hence the interest of the ideation platform which allows us to go further. It is a more efficient collaboration platform available in “ Software as a Service ” (Saas) mode. Accessible to all employees of the company, it includes collaborative management software that allows the company to properly frame its collaborative approach . However, to be fully effective France Mobile Number List this collaborative work platform must be able to manage the following fundamental processes : Collect ideas : allow votes, suggestions and idea proposals from each user. Evaluation and processing of ideas : ensure that ideas are transmittd to the right person who can approve them. The platform must be able to offer him the indicators necessary for decision-making.

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The methods of a real business on the internet at €22,000 per month FREE Pack Manage the realization of ideas : the platform must be able to monitor the progress of collaborative projects in real time. And also to work as a team on the actions to be taken, to monitor performance, etc. Measure the impact of the realization of ideas , take them into account and notify each employee concerne. Classify ideas in the archives : this so that we can put them on the agenda for later if necessary. However, it should be notd that the use of an ideation platform does not make it possible to derive the advantages of collaboration within the company. Except that if the latter has a perfectly structurd and well organize innovation policy.

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