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Social media is increasingly seen as full-fledged Paraguay Phone Number channels for branding. The costs are relatively low, targeting options are sublime, and the networks (especially Facebook) are also able to track your audience cross device. In short, branding, but with a conversion tail. The use of social media for local marketing is now also Paraguay Phone Number booming. Facebook has even developed a special option for major brands to bring all their stores under central management. And what about Snap, which took over Places to get a Paraguay Phone Number better grip on its offline local presence? In short, there is a lot going on in terms of local social media making. In this article I explain what the benefits are and how you can tackle it.

The revival Paraguay Phone Number

The benefits of local social media marketing Paraguay Phone Number The use of social media at a local level, and in particular advertising, has a number of major advantages. 1. Targeting by zip code and GPS The most obvious and most powerful advantage is local targeting. If you set up a national campaign on Facebook, for example, you will often Paraguay Phone Number target the whole of the Netherlands. But, especially if you have physical stores, local targeting is much stronger. You prevent a lot of noise in your media expenditure. For example by targeting only the 2 or 3 zip codes that are closest to your store. Or even by using GPS targeting, which allows Paraguay Phone Number you to target people who are present within a certain radius of your store. 2. Mix of brand and local content Another advantage is a more personal approach to content marketing .

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The Local Craft Paraguay Phone Number

As a national brand you often create social media content, which Paraguay Phone Number is mainly intended for brand communication. By properly training your store staff, you can start to create a mix between branded content and local content. A local event, for example, or specific opening hours of your store. Or a particular product Paraguay Phone Number that is sold locally, but not nationally. An entrepreneur’s bond with his neighborhood is often strong, which you can also strengthen on social media. This principle is put into Paraguay Phone Number practice by the SPAR (a client of DailyDialogues, ed.). This well-known (worldwide) chain works exclusively with franchisees for its stores.

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