20 graphic design blogs to inform and inspire you

The principles of good design are timeless. But as a graphic designer, you’re always looking for something more inventive and inspired. Graphic design blogs are an amazing resource for designers, whether you’re new to the field, an experienced designer keeping tabs on the state of the industry, or just starting to explore the possibilities of becoming a graphic designer. . As you nurture your creativity and build momentum in your career, it will be useful for you to stay on top of the leading opinions in your industry – and sometimes it’s just fun to see what others are up to! If you’re looking for a place to start building your playlist, we’ve got you covered. We’ve put together a resource list of 35 of the best graphic design blogs to keep on your radar. The blogs on this list come in all shapes and sizes.

20 of the Best Graphic Design Blogs and Resources

There’s a lot out there, but the good Belgium Phone Number List news is that it should be easy to find a few quality options to check back on a regular basis. Let’s dive straight into some of the best graphic design blogging options. 1. Smashing Magazine Smashing Magazine features articles that generally focus on design usability, SEO, user experience, and other functional aspects of design. The insightful articles range from quick tips, like why designers should never use “Click Here” in their links, to deeper dives, like the principles of technical SEO and how to think better about mobile design. Smashing Magazine also features job boards and events to help designers connect with employers and build networks. you’d expect from Adobe®, this magazine has it all: photography, animation, audio, brand ideas, and a whole bunch of tutorials.

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The Inspiration Grid His name really says it all

The Inspiration Grid is a grid of inspirational images and design projects spanning across aesthetics and even industry. Click on an image you like DT Leads and it opens the rest of the series created by a specific designer. If you love mood boards or see lots of different styles featured in one place, you’ll love this. 4. Abduzeedo Abduzeedo’s mission is simple: to be an open channel to the design community, encouraging feedback from its subscribers. Abduzeedo is an extremely visual blog that showcases daily inspirations and trends in the design world, with a particular focus on 3D. You’ll also find a wealth of tutorials and how-to guides, especially for those interested in Adobe Photoshop or guided those decisions. Identity Design also does an impressive job of including brands from all over the world.

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