19 Micro-Influencer Stats You Need to Know in 2018

There’s no denying that influencer marketing is one of the most popular and effective strategies used by marketers today. Companies are known to get $7.65 in earned media value for every dollar spent on influencer marketing. Not only that, 57% of marketers have budgets dedicated to influencer marketing, and 37% intend to do so.With this growing popularity, brands are often faced with the task of finding the right influencers for their campaigns. The right influencers are those who can give them the best results at the lowest cost. Interest in micro-influencers is a growing trend in this space.

Their Engagement Rates Are Higher and They Are

These are the ones with between 1,000 and 10,000 subscribers.Because they have a smaller number of followers, they are able to form more personal relationships with them. As a result, their engagement rates are higher and they are also a cost-effective solution.In this article, Mexico Phone Number List we’ll cover 19 micro-influencer stats you need to know. These will definitely help you make an informed decision on your influencer marketing strategy in 2018.19 Interesting Stats About Micro-Influencers1. When it comes to encouraging consumers to buy a product, micro-influencers share more direct recommendations.

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A Study by Experticity Found That 74% of Them

A study by Experticity found that 74% of them do this compared to 66% of the general population. These direct recommendations are more likely to inspire consumers to try different brands or products.2. The study also shows that 82% of consumers are more likely to act on recommendations from micro-influencers. In comparison, only 73% of consumers are likely to act on recommendations shared by the average person. This clearly indicates that these have more influence on consumers’ purchasing decisions.3. Most micro-influencers gain first-hand product knowledge. Only 15% collect this information from friends and family.

However, in comparison, 26% of the general population acquire product knowledge from family and friends. Because they are able to gain direct knowledge of the products, their recommendations Mexico Phone Number List are more credible and useful.4. In a week, micro-influencers are likely to have 22.2 times more purchase-related conversations than an average person. Such conversations also involve product recommendations.

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