12 Digital Marketing Agency Owners Share Their Top Team Building Tips

All of our processes are SOP-driven, which means we can hire new people and get them up to quickly. The most effective way for us was to have both written and video sops. For people who learn best by following step-by-step instructions. Written instructions are essential. But we’ve found that many people actually prefer to watch the work being on screen. I’m just going to launch loom to record my screen and video.Follow the written instructions while explaining to them exactly what I’m doing. And showing them the end result they should get after completing this step.

Having the Two Different Mediums Seems to

Having the two different mediums seems to reduce questions being asked via chat or email, and also allows us to put more of the responsibility of doing things right on the employee/contractor. If someone is still having trouble after reading and watching the video, it usually means we made a mistake in the hiring process and that person isn’t right for the Georgia Phone Number List job.Joe Davies, FatjoeThe best team building for us has been industry conferences.Whether specifically for seo or marketing in general. The da, the seminars and the whole networking experience were great for the team. Each member of the team always comes back with lots of new knowledge and. The ambition to put that new knowledge into action.In addition to the training aspect.Networking also has a profound effect on their confidence within the industry.

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They See Other People “Like Them” Killing

They see other people “like them” killing it in their specific areas and manage to make new contacts for future projects. Discussions are also great for finding those nuggets of wisdom.Overall, I would recommend PubCon (because…Vegas) and BrightonSEO for great marketing and SEO conferences. There are plenty more that we haven’t tried yet, but we’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for over the coming year.Amanda Thomas, Construct DigitalI once heard the story of two twin brothers. One trained to be a master welder, the other a digital marketer. The master welder had his lifetime ticket.

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